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Our approach to all facets of technology is to simplify it into business objectives and outcomes.  We know you will appreciate tech advice without all the focus on jargon and acronyms.

It almost seems that there is an ‘app’ for everything.  Well almost…
We still haven’t found an app that can replace expert advice, and combine decades of F&B experience, marketing, advertising, leadership, training, operations, retail etc etc.

Most importantly we still haven’t found an app that does everything that you need in your business to drive efficiencies and customer engagement and sales outcomes with the latest use of technology and cohesion strategies integrating and building upon your online and offline operational needs.  We know you haven’t either.  The Unicorn doesn’t exist.

What can be achieved using an app is truly only limited by your imagination – here is a wonderful story about an app using a strategy called ‘Gamification‘.  Flamin’ HOT Story

Are you thinking of building an app for your business?

There are many avenues and structures to building an application across various technology platforms and we strongly recommend engaging us right from the beginning before you even engage someone to turn out the first line of code.

There are some very important considerations that must be fully understood up front – we can assist with that and step you through the decision making process before you get invested in something that is not going to deliver the results you need and want.

The latest drive in flexibility and rapid build and deployment of an app could be in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA).  If you are not considering a PWA then you are likely to be building on a legacy platform and wont have the agility to rapid change and update and tweak your app or enjoy the benefits of Cloud integration.  Sounds scary and complicated but Next Fresh Idea can step you through the maze of acronyms and jargon and guide you through the processes through to delivery.

Here is a an example of how simple things are when explained simply and well:

A PWA as described above is actually a very simple method of rapidly building a dedicated website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app without having the traditional complications and delays for your business and most importantly for your customers.  If it can be built into a website then it can be done as a PWA or Hybrid PWA.

You and your customers are very likely to have already used various PWA based apps and not even known it.  The Burger King app in the story above is a PWA type app.

Let the team at Next Fresh Idea take a fresh look at your approach to your next tech project and app.  All inquiries are strictly confidential so let’s talk