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The financial markets call events that are unexpected or ‘out of left field’ as Black Swan Events.  Truly there is no such things as Black Swan Events in business.  After the adrenalin fades and logic and discovery kicks in, it easily becomes apparent that the disaster or catastrophe could have been predicted, and potentially have been prevented.  But, in any case, it could have been dealt with, to cause a far less impact on the business.

Those lessons are usually very bitter and quite expensive not only to your bottom line but also to your reputation and brand value!

Instead of living through it struggling and then rewinding to see what actually happened and what could have been prevented or done better – Get Next Fresh Idea to do a 360° Risk Assessment as the first step in formulating a whole of business (not just data) focused Disaster Recovery Plan or DRP.

A stitch in time…   If only 20/20 vision…

Your business can be on the front foot and be agile in proactive responses to changes and threats instead of being reactionary after the damage has been done, thus crystalising losses and gaining a full state of knowledge at the bottom of the curve.  Chances are that your accountants and lawyers would rather different outcomes.

The objective of a disaster recovery plan is to ensure that you can respond to a disaster or other emergency/change that affects business operations, processes, policies, information systems and minimize the effect on the operation of the business. When you have prepared the information that Next Fresh Idea helps you compiles about your business and document strategic responses and methodologies, you can store your DRP document in a safe, accessible location off site and set event triggers or tide marks within operations manuals to action the plans and strategies to protect your business and enable continuity.

Black Swan Event

The optional Business Continuity Plan or BCP is a second set of tools and guidelines that are purely focused on maximising the effectiveness of the Disaster Recovery Plan and empower your business operations to continue through any challenge that is thrown at it.

We can all relate to the incredible pace in which there was Global shutdown then lock-down once the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease was officially declared a ‘Global Pandemic’.  It all seemed to happen so quickly to those who were not already planned and focused on what they had to do.  To those companies and businesses, it was like a proverbial ‘train wreck in slow motion’, watching the world grind slowly to a halt.


Businesses with refined and prepared and up-to-date Disaster Recovery Plans were already alerted well enough in advance so they were already ensuring their Business Continuity Plans were being actioned ahead of the lock-down and their alternative operational guidelines were already in place and working efficiently when their unprepared competitors were in panic mode trying to consider all potential threat whilst in a position of duress.

Beat duress and your competitors – Talk to us at Next Fresh Idea about how we can prepare risk mitigation and protections into your business so that YOU aren’t the ‘Black Swan’ that everyone else is talking about.