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Next Fresh Idea - Specialist F&B Consultants

With Passion & Excellence

Our multi-skilled team of specialist F&B consultants have immense passion for excellence in the Food & Beverage space.
They have extensive premium ‘Cafe n Coffee‘ experience, which is also balanced with senior skills in the ever expanding ‘Fast-Food‘  segment,  while also being equipped and highly skilled within the focused environments of the ‘Restaurant‘ space.

When you hire a team to help you develop and grow your ideas into realities you want to be certain you have the right balances across key skill sets that you cannot get from someone who has not developed the right mix:

  • Experience
  • Excellence
  • Expertise

Our experience is broad and deep to have formed a philosophy to ‘never shy away from a challenge’ and to instead prefer to find a way to make it happen.  Our team have decades of business and retail space experiences concentrated in the F&B industry across several continents and markets, and we stay in touch with the trends, innovations and emerging strategies across the world.

We take pride in our work and it shows in the networks and relationships we acquire and preserve and extend. Excellence is never an accident.  Our team are always learning and adapting and planning and innovating our own business as well as yours.  We execute our fresh client ideas, purposefully with high intention, sincere effort and intelligence to achieve your goals.

Our expertise is sought after not just by those tweaking their existing businesses, but also by those who forecast, plan, advise, and finance the F&B industry too.  We assist with hands on researching, designing, planning, implementation, training, launching, reviewing, realigning, innovating, guiding, auditing, and lecturing.  Our global operational and management experience has been cultivated through QSR, Fast Casual, Café, Catering and International Franchise business across start-up, matured and innovating outfits.