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We work with you wherever you are

We work remotely and onsite with our clients. Franchise, Coffee, Fast Food, Culinary Schools...

Technology Empowering F&B

Our passion is to ensure that your business runs smoothly on whichever technology you choose to adopt.  If you need help with making decisions on technology we can help source, shortlist, recommend, analyse, audit, oversee, and manage tech within your business.  Think of us as your external technology advisers who can also step in and be hands on as well.

Next Fresh Idea can provide guidance and advice with oversight and delivery of all facets of technology within your business.  We can build local, wide, virtual and global networks and cloud access systems tailored to your business needs, growth and changes.

Our team can quickly develop operational and technical plans for all facets of your business operations and structure from bespoke Websites to customer ordering and engagements systems, social channels, apps, and even disaster recovery plans for contingency and recovery plans to mitigate risks, changes in operational environments, and even when tech fails, or Force Majeure type changes such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) or other sudden crises impact your business.

We can implement resilience and redundancy and even contingency measures to keep you in business and responsive to whatever challenges come your way.