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Mouldy Whopper at Burger King


Mouldy Burger King


Mouldy Whopper at Burger King causes an uproar.
Yesterday Burger King released a time-lapse video to highlight its recent changes.  This video contains a shot of its flagship Whopper being made and then left to decompose.  The time-lapse clip shows mould growing on the burger over a period of 34 days.
Can you stand to watch it? Click Here

The marketing campaign aims to highlight the brand’s move away from preservatives and artificial ingredients.  Burger King has followed this trend and have now removed preservatives from food sold in their European and select US markets.

Fernando Machado, Restaurant Brands Global Chief Marketing Officer said in the press release, “At Burger King we believe that real food tastes better, that’s why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colours, and flavours from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries around the world.
The brand ensures customers that they can’t buy a Mouldy Whopper at Burger King.

This move reflects a trend in the food industry’s increased focus on sustainability, environmentalism, and transparent production.  Burger King used this trend because it loves to snub or poke fun at the market leader, who is well known for the public doing stunts where their burgers don’t deteriorate over months and even years!

You will recall that Burger King likes to remain edgy and poke fun at their competitor McDonalds whenever they get the chance – Last time out they were burning their competitor’s ads with their app promotion


Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have started to take over the foodservice industry.  But what do they really want from their dining experience?

According to new research by global law firm CMSFinding the balance: human touch vs. high tech,  millennials now make up nearly 1/3 of restaurants’ annual revenue spending 13% of their total income on eating out.  The report surveyed over 5,000 millennials in 18 countries, including 170 leaders in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Verdict Food Service has narrowed down the five key trends Millennials want in a restaurant.

1. Unique Dining Experiences

Millennials want to show their peers through social media what food they are eating and how different it is.  Restaurants creating this experience for them whether through Instagramable food, beverage, packaging, decor, mobile app and now augmented reality – these features can turn their dining into an experience.

2. Affordable food

The CMS report said the majority of millennials either live with their parents or couples with no children, which allows them to have more money to spend on food.  This report shows that millennials eat out an average of four times a month.

Millennials expect good, healthy food at reasonable prices.  The survey found that one of the most important factors for millennials when choosing a restaurant was value for money.

3. Healthy and organic foods

The same research has found that millennials want more fruits and vegetables on offer at a restaurant’s menu.  This new trend such as meatless options, gluten free, ancient grains and healthier kid’s menus is gaining momentum with popular movements.

4. Connecting through technology

As a big majority of millennials use social media, and 25% are saying that they will pay more at a restaurant if its social media ratings are good.

Some of the technology most wanted by millennial respondents are; the ability to order food and drinks in advance and before arriving (47%), paying via an app (44%) and ordering food electronically at the venue (34%).

5. Convenience and food delivery

As millennials want an emphasis on convenience, meal kits, ready to eat food, ready to drink beverage, food delivery services and food trucks are thriving due to their convenience factor.

Payment technology is another area where millennials have higher expectations with fast and casual chains leading the way with payment cards and apps.

Worth noting
We all know millennials are attached to their phones, love to share their experiences on social media and has proven that they spend a good amount of their income on food.  Restaurants fit that lifestyle perfectly.  If your restaurant’s marketing efforts don’t include millennial-targeted tactics, you’re missing out on a growing market share that could make up the majority of your sales.

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