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Malaysian Diners Welcome Drive-In Restaurant During Lock Down



Malaysian diners yearning to eat out during the COVID-19 lockdown have eagerly welcomed the chance to enjoy restaurant food from the safety and comfort of their vehicles after an eatery started a drive-in service.

In the satellite city of Cyberjaya, customers drive into the parking lot of Padi House restaurant and order from laminated menus through the vehicle windows.  Each meal comes with a customized tray that fits in the narrow space between the driver seat and steering wheel.

The country is struggling with a surge in Covid-19 cases last month and officials were swift to re-impose restrictions that include a ban on dining-in service for restaurants.

Padi House has closed its dine-in service and, like most eateries in Malaysia, have been offering only take-out.  The drive-in service was inspired by airline meals after the restaurant’s sales dropped significantly by 80% according to owner Leow Kim Ngan.

Malaysia is currently at its peak of infections, averaging more than 4,600 new cases per day.  Infection numbers have been climbing steadily since the end of September. A second nationwide lockdown, which bans social activities and inter-state travel, is due to end on Feb 18.

With the challenging business environment brought about by lockdown restrictions, restaurant owners are finding that innovation is key to survive in these challenging times.






Dole is Sunshine For All

Dole Pineapple Philippines has become a netizen’s ray of sunshine after mistakenly posting an angry message on their Facebook page.

CJ Banasihan has been laid off for work in the Philippines due to the Covid19 lockdown and unexpectedly received pineapple products from a fruit company. He mistakenly assumed Dole Pineapple Philippines‘ Facebook page to that of the Department of Labor and Employment, which goes by the acronym DOLE.

Dole Pineapple Philippines posted a statement on Facebook saying that they were mistaken for the Department of Labor and Employment. They reiterated that they are a company that produces fruits and vegetables.

“He may not have gotten the money yet from the Department of Labor and Employment, but he received more than Php 5,000 pesos worth of our products for brightening up everyone’s day with his viral post” according to their spokesperson.

The netizen became an internet sensation when he posted screenshots of his messages to Dole Pineapple’s Facebook account. His post went viral and was shared 75,000 times showing his angry message. He was asking for an update on the financial assistance promised by the Department of Labor and Employment Philippines.

CJ then realized his mistake and apologized for the mistaken identity.

Dole Pineapple was an unexpected sunshine for all on a very cloudy day!


Photo: CJ Banasihan/FB