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Asia-Pacific consumers ‘unhappy’ with their online delivery experience




Asia-Pacific consumers report being unhappy with their online product delivery experience.

With consumers stuck at home because of Covid-19 restrictions, a shift in delivery needs and preferences towards contactless ‘click and collect’ has significantly increased in demand.

According to a study by BluJay Solutions, only 22% of Apac consumers have had their delivery expectations met.  The report reveals that contactless delivery options are becoming more popular.  However, consumers’ expectations for transparent, reliable, and accurate delivery information often falls below expectations.

More than 7000 shoppers throughout the region were surveyed in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The primary purchases were mostly clothing, footwear, small electronics, groceries, and supplements and beauty products.

The study reveals that the delay in delivery accounts for the most significant problem.

The areas for improvement that retailers and carriers should consider include new communication channels with customers, transparency, and accuracy of delivery and collection times to help ensure a seamless and safe delivery.

With consumers now preferring contactless, same-day, or next-day delivery, retailers and carriers need to carefully reassess managing this new model moving forward.


Consumers apprehensive of dining out and interested in take out and delivery


Consumers in the US are apprehensive of dining out and interested in takeout and delivery for fear of COVID-19 according to a survey by AlixPartners.

More than 26% of a thousand consumers surveyed said they will be cutting back on dining out, up from 20% from April polls.

Consumers are relying heavily on takeout and delivery. Some 80% of consumers reported ordering meals for take-out, which is up from 69% in the April survey.

Takeout and delivery orders were placed at least once a week by 57% of consumers polled for fast food and pizza.

Pick-up was a popular choice compared to food delivery. Only 16% of those surveyed preferred using third-party delivery providers.

The reason for their reduction in on-premise restaurant visits is the fear of getting infected with Covid-19 as acknowledged by 60% of those polled.

Safety measures, including outdoor seating, disposable menus, and mask-wearing, showed some hope in encouraging diners to visit restaurants, according to the survey. Mandated mask-wearing was cited by 36% of those surveyed as something that would increase their restaurant visits.