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Luckin Coffee Vending Machines

Luckin Coffee launches Vending Machines

Founder and CEO Qian Zhiya states that this new strategy will allow them to get closer to consumers.  They will not be restricted by the license approvals.  In what could be yet another first in China Luckin’s vending machines will serve freshly brewed drinks as well as food.

Luckin Coffee Vending Machines

Luckin Coffee launches new vending machines

Just recently, Luckin Coffee also launched a share placement and a convertible bond with a combined worth of US$821 million early January 2020.   That is according to a Reuters report which also mentioned that the proceeds will be used to open more stores and invest in sales and marketing of the brand.

Luckin coffee Stock Listing

Luckin coffee Share Price

Luckin Coffee Share Price

Luckin has recently surpassed Starbucks China, in terms of outlets count within the country.  Recently we reported on the incredible growth of Luckin Coffee and their determination to take on their key rival Starbucks.  Luckin are now operating more than 4,500 stores and growth is continuing.

Luckin Coffee’s business model focuses primarily on a coffee delivery and pickup style of business.  The venture into vending machines is seen to be a broadening of this model.  They have achieved great brand recognition and attachment in the under 30’s demographic.

It’s not luck that Luckin Coffee is beating Starbucks at their own game.

The heads at Starbucks must be worried…

Tim Hortons comes to Thailand

Canadian Coffee Comes To Thailand

Canadian Coffee Comes to Thailand

Iconic coffee brand Tim Hortons is coming to Thailand…

The Canadian brand Tim Hortons has appointed local operator WeEat Co as its master franchisor for the Canadian coffee brand in the territory of Thailand.   

“We are proud to partner with Tim Hortons to launch and develop this great brand in Thailand. We look forward to opening the doors of our first Tim Hortons restaurant and sharing Canada’s favourite coffee with our guests,” said Nick Wattanavekin, CEO of WeEat Company which is part of the Wattanavekin family group.

Tim Hortons Coffee

Alexandre Macedo, the President of the coffee giant recently announced, “We are very excited to grow the Tim’s brand in Thailand as part of our broader global growth strategy. Thailand has a thriving coffee market, and our partner has a deep understanding of the Thai market, which we believe will position us well for success in the country”.

As a part of global expansion, Tim Horton’s (which is a key part of the enormous Restaurant Brands International Inc), has also recently been launched into Spain, Mexico, Great Britain and the Philippines.  

The head of Hortons indicated that there are plans to open more than 1500 locations over the next 10 years in China, in cooperation with Cartesian Capital Group.  That’s a lot of Double-Doubles.

Fun Fact: Tim Horton was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played 24 seasons in the National Hockey League.

Coke Coffee in a Can

Coke Coffee In A Can

Subsequent to our earlier story about the acquisition of the famous Costa Coffee brand earlier in the year, Coca-Cola is reported by Inside FMCG, to be taking steps to dive the Coke brand directly into the coffee market.  According to this report, soft drink giant Coca-Cola is to release “Coke Coffee” into as many as 25 markets by the end of this year.

Coke Costa3Image result for coke coffee \

Coke Coffee will apparently contain less caffeine compared to your regular cuppa but will come in a can packed with more caffeine and less sugar than competitors in this space.  Coke Coffee could be set to challenge the traditional energy drink mid-afternoon energy pickup dominated by Red Bull and others.

CNBC reported that Coke Coffee is already available in Vietnam, Brazil and Colombia, but was not sure which new markets would be opening later this year.

PREDICTION: Coke will release Costa Coffee in a can in 2019!