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Monthly Archive 21 October 2021

Start-Up Company Who Gives A Crap Turns to Coffee


Start-up company “Who Gives a Crap” has expanded outside of toilet paper to launch a limited-edition coffee product.  If anything will get you using more toilet paper in the morning, it’s a steaming cup of Joe.

The limited-edition fair-trade Blend No. 2 coffee claims to come with notes of ‘juicy ripe apple’ and dark chocolate. It comes available as a whole bean or ground and comes in a compostable packet.

This eco-friendly startup’s MO is clear: to get more people using Who Gives A Crap’s flagship toilet paper products. Each coffee purchase even comes with a roll.

Founded in 2012, it has donated more than $10 million to good causes since 2020. Who Gives A Crap donates half of its profits to water and sanitation charities.

In September, Who Gives A Crap raised $41.5 million in its first venture capital funding round.

Founder and chief Simon Griffiths said in a statement “We’ve heard from reliable sources that coffee makes some people need to go to the bathroom.  As a toilet paper business, we found that pretty interesting. After all, the more toilet paper people use, the more we can donate to the billions of people living without safe access to a toilet.

Coffee sure seems like a good product to compliment the business.