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Monthly Archive June 2021

Kewpie Launches Vegan Scrambled Eggs



As demand for a vegetarian version of scrambled eggs is on the rise, Japanese mayonnaise manufacturer Kewpie, launches vegan-based scrambled eggs made of soybeans.

Kewpie plans to start market its “Hobotama,” translated as “almost eggs” at the end of June 2021 starting at hotels and restaurants, and schools before targeting the mass consumers.  The price of Hobotama will be hefty, 3x as much of a wholesale scrambled eggs.

Consumers have been moving toward vegetarian and vegan options globally for health and environmental reasons.  According to scientists, farming animals not only require huge amounts of water and feed, but also energy and land.

Lux Research, a research company based in the U.S. forecasts that global protein consumption will double by 2054 from 2014.   They also project that alternatives to traditional protein sources will account for 30% of the total consumption by then.

Kewpie is a key producer of egg-based products and holds the highest number of egg-related patents in major countries. Hobotama version of scrambled eggs will use mainly soybeans and other ingredients to reproduce the taste and texture of eggs.

The company is Japan’s largest consumer of eggs, purchasing about 10% of the total supply produced in Japan. Despite its move to produce Hobotama, it expects its egg consumption to continue.