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Monthly Archive 25 March 2020

Dole is Sunshine For All

Dole Pineapple Philippines has become a netizen’s ray of sunshine after mistakenly posting an angry message on their Facebook page.

CJ Banasihan has been laid off for work in the Philippines due to the Covid19 lockdown and unexpectedly received pineapple products from a fruit company. He mistakenly assumed Dole Pineapple Philippines‘ Facebook page to that of the Department of Labor and Employment, which goes by the acronym DOLE.

Dole Pineapple Philippines posted a statement on Facebook saying that they were mistaken for the Department of Labor and Employment. They reiterated that they are a company that produces fruits and vegetables.

“He may not have gotten the money yet from the Department of Labor and Employment, but he received more than Php 5,000 pesos worth of our products for brightening up everyone’s day with his viral post” according to their spokesperson.

The netizen became an internet sensation when he posted screenshots of his messages to Dole Pineapple’s Facebook account. His post went viral and was shared 75,000 times showing his angry message. He was asking for an update on the financial assistance promised by the Department of Labor and Employment Philippines.

CJ then realized his mistake and apologized for the mistaken identity.

Dole Pineapple was an unexpected sunshine for all on a very cloudy day!


Photo: CJ Banasihan/FB