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Monthly Archive December 2019

Amazing Vanilla Slice

Jake and Elle’s Dessert Heaven at Eat Street

I found Jake and Elle’s ‘Dessert Heaven’ at Eat Street Brisbane.  If you can imagine traditional European desserts meeting Australian innovation, then you are going to drool all the way through this…

I discovered an amazing reputation drawing me to check out the Eat Street phenomenon that has tantalised me on social media for ages.  Wandering around trying to decide what to eat, I came across a shipping container scullery called Jake and Elle’s Kitchen.  I made a mental note to come back and try some of the delights that I spied in the cabinet.

The one that practically jumped out of the cabinet at me was the Aussie favourite Vanilla Slice!

Jake and Elle's Amazing Vanilla Slice

WOW  – what a stand out.  Jake and Elle’s Vanilla Slice is just amazing!

Beside them were exquisite-looking Canolli that were generously overfilled.  I knew straight away that I had to have both!

That resolution proved amazing…

Crispy, flaky, lightly crunchy, but delicate pasty perfectly contrasting the fresh, generously vanilla flavoured creamy thick custard filling.  I’m uncontrollably salivating right now just remembering how amazingly good this first Vanilla Slice experience was…

Jake & Elle’s desserts are heaven & ruined me!!!!!

Jake and Elle's Kitchen at Eat Street Brisbane

This dessert window is our favourite place in Eat Street North Shore

I don’t think I could ever go back to the local bakery style vanilla slice ever again.

Be warned that there is no support group to support your addiction once you try out these amazing desserts.  You will be on your own, feeling full, and yet still craving more of the melt in your mouth delights…

You just can't stop at one!

We bet you can’t stop at just one Vanilla Slice from Jake and Elle’s Kitchen at Eat Street

After bragging a little too much to a friend from Canberra he flew to Brisbane and insisted that I take him to Eat Street.  He was wanting the Food, Music, Beer, Wine and the fun, giggles and banter that good friends have.  But most of all he wanted to try out the wares from Jake and Elle’s Kitchen.

After we finished our mains, we arrived at the famous kitchen to find that all the goodies had been sold.

There was literally nothing left!!


No, no, no, how could we make such a rookie mistake?

No, no, no, how could we make such a rookie mistake?
Could this be worse than oversleeping and waking up on Boxing Day missing out on Christmas‽

Either way I learned a valuable lesson: ‘Don’t wait!

HINT #1: Buy these amazing desserts early because they always seem to sell out quickly.

Was it the look of horror and disbelief on our faces, or was it the rookie red-faced embarrassment showing?
Something sparked what happened next…

Whichever it was, a guy came out of nowhere and with a huge smile and said “You know what I can do for you?  I don’t have any Vanilla Slices left at all, but I do have some cannoli shells and some of the custard left, and I can fill them for you.  It’s the same custard crème filling as the slices and it will only take a couple of minutes…

Of course, we begged, “YES PLEASE!” almost in perfect chorus.

It was Jake!

It was the star of the My Kitchen Rules television show Jake Harrison of Jake & Elle fame!  We couldn’t believe it.

Jake and Elle Harrison from MKR

Jake and Elle Harrison (brother and sister) were the youngest ever contestants on MKR

The part-owner was there helping the crew clean up towards the end of the night and he was going the extra mile just for us.

Jake went above and beyond to look after us

Jake took the time to chat with us whilst he was piping the famous cannoli tubes and doing more than necessary to look after customers that had never met before.

Jake took the time to chat with us whilst he was piping the famous cannoli tubes and doing more than necessary to look after customers that he had never met before.  This was unexpected, appreciated, and simply great customer service!

Total Champions - Jake and Elle

Jake and Elle return on the Champions Team on MKR Rivals in 2020

We were more than happy.  We were beaming with wide smiles, not just because of the amazing Jake & Elle’s Cannoli but also because of the wonderful, memorable and personal experience that Jake created.

No more ‘Rookie mistakes’ or missing desserts

Cannoli magic from Jake and Elle's Kitchen

The most amazing cannoli decadence from Jake and Elle

Since we found ‘Dessert Heaven’ hidden away at Eat Street Brisbane, we have been back several times and always drop into Jake and Elle’s Kitchen at Eat Street.  Usually, it is the first thing we do upon arrival, and usually with a group of friends in tow.  We are no longer Rookies and just love the consistency and quality of their wares.  Next time you are anywhere near Eat Street North Shore drop in and say ‘Gidday‘ to Jake and Elle, and tell them that Next Fresh Idea sent you to Jake and Elle’s Dessert Heaven.

What’s next?

My Kitchen Rules 2020 - The Rivals

MKR returns in 2020 with Jake ‘the snake’ and his sister Elle Harrison as part of the Champions Team

In exciting news both Jake and Elle will be seen on television again very soon with the return of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) on Channel 7 in 2020.

The brother and sister team from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland were ‘Runners Up’ in Season 4 of the competition in an all QLD Grand Final.  Jake and Elle are set for stirring the pot in the new format of MKR Rivals.  They will certainly impress the judges with amazing food and incredible desserts and stir the other contestants along the way.

Jake the Snake and Elle Harrison return to MKR 2020

Game on Mole! says Jake the Snake Harrison of Jake and Elle’s Kitchen as they return to MKR The Rivals in 2020. “The rivalry has definitely begun.”

We wish them well for the competition and can’t want to see the antics and fun of the Rivals show in 2020.

Here are links to the preview: