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Monthly Archive 8 August 2019

Straws are Out, Lids are In!

As more establishments around the globe are phasing out single use plastic straws, Starbucks has launched a straw-less new lid which looks a lot like a child’s sippy cup that allows customers to drink cold beverages without a straw.

The new replacement lid is made of polypropylene, a substance that can make the lid reusable. It is sustainable and hence, a definite evolution from single-use plastic straws.  These straw-less lids will now be the new norm for tea, espresso beverages and iced coffee.  Bio-degradable straws will still be available for Frappuccino beverages, but not for long.

The coffee chain announced that it plans to phase out its iconic green straws globally by 2020. In addition to creating new straws made from alternative materials, Starbucks plans to promote cups with new lids that does not require a straw.

The new sippy cup lids are already in use in certain stores in the US and Canada


FACT: These recyclable lids will soon replace more than a billion plastic straws each year off the market